Hello, world.

I write code for a living, and for fun. Not the cryptography kind (although some of my stuff's equally as unintelligible) but the computer kind.

I'm a firm believer in open source, the idea behind which can be summed up like this: “This was mine, now I'm making it ours. If you improve it, please keep it ours.”

To prove my money's where my mouth is, I am releasing some of my work as open source. It remains to be seen how useful it'll be to the community at large, but that is rather the point. Anyone can extend and improve it for the benefit of everyone.


A simple but powerful web stats analyser.
A library of common PHP functions.

Articles and essays

Email hiding
Hide your email address from spammers with a bit of JavaScript.
Clean URLs
Remove cruft from your URLs and give yourself greater flexibility while making things much easier for visitors and search engines.
The Elements of CSS Style
A guide to writing efficient, readable and maintainable CSS.