SlimStat — simple web analytics

SlimStat 2.0 is here!

To accompany the new release, there is a new website too, which is still somewhat under construction:


Many thanks to everyone who has tried the beta versions and/or reported bugs. It wouldn't have been possible without your feedback.

SlimStat 2.0 has been almost completely rewritten from scratch compared to SlimStat 0.9. This means that it runs much faster than before, and it has incorporated some features that weren't in the old version, most notably the ability to record stats via JavaScript. There are some things that have yet to be re-implemented, such as the Paths view. I hope to add these back in future versions.

In the meantime please download it and tell all your friends how fantastic it is. :)

As always please send bug reports here: http://code.google.com/p/slimstat/