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Meeting the neighbours

My life is just one long series of surreal events.

On Thursday, as I'm sure you know, there was a Tube strike, so Matt and I worked from home. It was great. I happened to receive a delivery that day, and as I was coming back up the stairs having collected it from the UPS man, I met the man from Flat C on his way out. I said hello, and stepped aside in order to allow him to get out of his flat and lock his door.

Not wishing to be rude, I waited for him to finish and as he took the key out of his lock I was about to introduce myself when he said, “See you later, bye,” in what I think was a French accent and disappeared downstairs. Um, ok then. Hi and bye. Weird man.

That only left the man from Flat A. I'd seen him pottering about in his garden but not to speak to. Matt spoke to him the other day - our bath is leaking through his ceiling - and mentioned as much to me. This afternoon we were on our way back from the pub (where we'd had a not-bad roast beef lunch) and he was in the garden.

I decided to take the opportunity to introduce myself, at which point I discovered that, not only is he not English, but his accent is so strong that any English he does speak is rendered incomprehensible because of it. Nice of Matt to forewarn me, don't you think?

Believe me, you don't know surrealism until you've had a conversation with my neighbour about leaks. I think he may have been talking about leaving a set of keys to his flat with us, for “the German” to collect, but I'm not really sure. He could have been talking about Keith Chegwin for all I know.

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