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Nobody else is a geek

I hate people who say things like, “I never thought I'd say this, but...” because it's such a cliché. Unfortunately, I have to say it myself now.

I never thought I'd say this, but I would quite like a Mac.

Well, not quite. I love Linux too much for that, and I can't quite bring myself to buy into any big computer corporation's vision just yet. For my parents, though, a Mac would be brilliant, and I've been dropping a series of subtle hints in their direction for a few months now.

I haven't used any Microsoft software on my home computer for maybe two years now, and on my work computer for just over a year. Every time I go back and use someone else's machine with Windows on it I'm reminded of how awful Windows is, and how glad I am that I don't use it any more.

Windows is awful. Shoddy. Buggy. Clunky. Annoying. I realise that I'm in danger of sounding like a Linux zealot here, so I'll try to stop that. But once you've stopped using Windows and used something else — whether Linux or Mac — you'll realise how bad Windows is too.

Just now I was looking at Apple's 'Switch' site which shows videos from their latest ad campaign, featuring people who've switched from Windows to Mac. Of course they all love Mac, and I'm sure I would too.

But it really made me realise how much of a geek I am. All these people, maybe a dozen of them, and they're all talking about how intuitive it is, or how nice the hardware looks, all that kind of stuff. But they're all missing the point I think is the most important one: that MacOS X is based on an open-source BSD core.

Mmmmmm, Unix. You know it makes sense. I want to run around and smack Windows users over the head. “You just don't get it, do you! Computers can be so much better than this!” But I'd be branded quite rightly as a freak.

It's very simple really: do yourself a favour, don't use Windows.

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