Weblog entries for 11 August 2002


The neighbours are loud

Tomorrow is a big day for our project at work, so this afternoon I've been giving it the once over to look out for any little niggles. There are no real show-stoppers in it, so no real problems, I'm just doing it to give my project manager and myself some peace of mind. First thing in the morning we're going to the client's office to present them with what we have so far.

I was listening to Test Match Special while I worked, but it's a bit difficult to concentrate on coding when there is speaking going on in the background. Incidentally, I'd like to take back everything I said about England yesterday — 617 is a mammoth score. Good work!

Shortly after I switched off the radio, as if by magic my neighbour downstairs started using a power drill. It was only partially drowned out by my upstairs neighbour playing U2 and Eric Clapton extremely loudly. There's nothing like a nice quiet Sunday afternoon, and this was nothing like a nice quiet Sunday afternoon.

There was only one thing for it. Some very loud music of my own. It seemed to work: not ten minutes had passed before I heard them switch off their music and go out. Victory is mine!

Tonight will mainly consist of me tidying the house before Matt gets home from Spain (not that it's the remotest bit untidy, you understand) and then a bit of West Wing and 24 before the big day tomorrow.

Actually, I've had to keep the house pretty tidy this week, to make a good impression on the landlord. He's been in painting Matt's room and uh, putting the finishing touches to my excellent efforts at repairing the bathroom light. Honestly, the man's a genius. He's re-done the sealant around the bath and rigged up a cunning bit of wood around the light switch to stop it falling off the ceiling.

Is there some kind of landlord school you have to go to? Where did he learn this stuff? I'm just not ready to be a landlord yet, I have no idea how to do any of these magic things. Perhaps I'm just not suited to DIY. That's the more likely option. Still, if you need a computer taken to bits just let me know. (Just don't ask me to put it back together again…)

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