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Here we go again

This summer has seen some troubled times at Fulham. Internal power wranglings, failed transfers, legal challenges to the new stadium plans, the lot. Ever since what the Observer recently called “a spine-crackingly awful, gormless and goalless draw against Leicester” which brought the curtain down on last season's home games, the doom and gloom merchants have been out in force.

Every time there's a bad result I go through the same set of emotions during the following week, from dejection on Monday morning to blind belief on Saturday afternoon that things will be much better again. Having a long summer break has magnified that process a hundred-fold.

Walking down South Africa Road to get to Fulham's temporary home, Loftus Road, I found myself giddy with anticipation. Yes, me, giddy! Fortunately I was not to be disappointed. The blisteringly hot sunshine was matched by Fulham's attacks, slicing past Bolton's defenders like hot knives through butter. Fulham 4 Bolton 1, final score.

In the whole of last season we never scored four goals in a League game, and now we've done that on the opening day. We scored two penalties, compared to scoring just one in the whole of last season; and conceded one, having gone through the whole of last season without doing so.

Unbelievable stuff, and needless to say I am now brimming with optimism, unlike my dad who, even when Fulham were 3-1 up and Bolton were totally out of the game, continued to voice his concerns that Fulham could still throw away their lead. Of course he's seen many more Fulham games than I have, so perhaps he knows their track record better than me. They do have a remarkable tendency to do things the hard way.

Four goals, three points, two new signings and a very impressive display. It was the start of a new season, and I hope it was the start of a good one.

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