Weblog entries for 22 August 2002


This envelope will change your life

Ten years ago today, I was in school. (Not the most exciting opening sentence to a weblog you'll ever read, but it gets better, trust me.)

I was there, as a fresh-faced 16-year-old, to collect my GCSE results. (Honestly, it gets thrilling any time now.)

Sibling rivalry is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I'm not sure that either of my siblings care too much, but I'm very interested in their results. It's purely in the hope that I've done better than them, of course.

My sister is ten years younger than me, and as I write she's on her way to school to get her results. In a couple of hours I'll find out if I'm still number one. :-)

Bah, who am I kidding? It's not a competition with anyone other than yourself. As long as you did your best that's all anyone can ask.

Best of luck, Amy. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly.

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