Weblog entries for 1 September 2002


Saturday comes

Yesterday afternoon didn't go as planned, but it turned out to be quite fortuitous.

In the week, we noticed that the pub at the bottom of our road had a sign outside which said they'd be showing the West Brom v Fulham game on Saturday. I wasn't planning on going to watch the game live, so seeing it at a pub would be a decent enough second best.

Oddly, I couldn't see the game advertised in any TV listings. No matter, I thought. They must have it on pay-per-view or something.

With 15 minutes to go before kick-off, we wandered over and grabbed a sofa. It was then that we realised they had Canal Plus on and we'd have to contend with commentary in Dutch.

Then they started showing footage of the teams warming up at the Stadium of Light, where Sunderland were playing Manchester United. It seems that Canal Plus had been advertising the wrong game. Oh well. So we watched that.

It turned out to be an unexpected bonus, because Fulham apparently had their Mr Hyde hats on and played like the Cannock Junior School Under 10s. To be honest I'm glad I didn't have to watch that.

What's wrong with them? How on earth can they play so brilliantly at home on Tuesday and then play so spectacularly badly away on Saturday?

I mean, if I wanted a team that were great at home and useless away, I'd be supporting West Ham.

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