Weblog entries for 2 September 2002


Gandalf is dead (honest)

The hype for The Two Towers has started. Articles are appearing in magazines, the trailer is out and there are even rumours that bootleg copies of the film are circulating on the net. (I'll let you know if I find any.)

You have to marvel at their folly, though. Of the coverage I've seen, the headline is almost always about the return of Gandalf. You what?!

When I saw The Fellowship of the Ring last Christmas, I was with some people who hadn't (and indeed still haven't) read the books. Naturally I didn't want to spoil anything for them, so I tried to make them believe that Gandalf had died in Moria.

And now we have the film studio being totally up-front about him coming back in the second film?! What were they thinking? Isn't that just a bit of a spoiler?

Mind you, since I've already read the book I know what happens in the third film too, so spoilers are a bit irrelevant to me. I'm just looking forward to Christmas so I can see it!

Speaking of looking forward to Christmas, if Father Christmas is reading, could you please get me one of these?

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