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There's no football on

The title of this entry is untrue. It's Saturday afternoon, it's 3pm, and there's plenty of football on. Just none involving Fulham. If you're an ITV viewer you may have missed this, having become used to seeing almost no mention of them during On The Ball. Not that we're bitter.

Fulham are playing Chelsea on Monday night in what is probably the biggest game of the season for us. Last season the home derby was only beaten to that status by the FA Cup semi-final, which was against Chelsea anyway, so it felt pretty much the same.

So what will I do to occupy my time this afternoon? Working of course. We have a rather big deadline on Tuesday and I am doing some last-minute bug-hunting. I'm happy to report (hi Simon and Mark, if you're reading) that I haven't found anything wrong so far.

This doesn't necessarily mean there's nothing wrong, it's just that I haven't found it. Mark's really the expert at that: one day last week I'd go over to his desk about once an hour, believing I'd finally wrung the last bug out of the code I was writing, and he'd invariably have tied it in knots within two minutes. It's soul destroying, but it's making this a better product so I don't mind really.

Also, Matthew has gone away for the second weekend running, so I'm all alone in the flat. This is actually a good thing because it means I can concentrate better and there's nobody to complain about my music. I'm sure he probably told me where he was going but I can't remember. I'll let you know if I find out.

In other news, it's been almost a year since Deepgroup died. It's incredible to think that it's been that long — it really doesn't seem as though a whole year has passed — but I suppose time flies while you're having fun.

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