Weblog entries for 30 September 2002


I'm on the phone to Norris McWhirter as I type

Matthew has recently moved his site to a new server, and hasn't quite got around to copying his blog's archive over as well. So I had to go to Simon's site to find out that they were in Madrid on or around the 10th of August.

That's quite a long time ago. About fifty days, in fact.

Everyone knows postcards aren't the most reliable form of communication but I do feel the consumer is within his rights to expect delivery before, say, hell freezes over.

(Those of you who have guessed where this is going, get Googling to find out the answer and let me know. Otherwise, carry on reading.)

It's also true that Matthew is not the most organised person I've ever come across. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the most organised person in the world either, but at least if I went to Spain I could manage to send my postcards without having to wait for another friend to go there to post them for me.

All in all, the postcards didn't have the fairest start in life. Forgotten at the bottom of a bag for the journey home, sent all the way back to their place of origin, before finally being posted again on (according to the postmark) the 26th of August.

So guess what eventually wound its way to our house on the 28th of September? That's 33 days for the mathematically challenged readers among us. That's right. The postcard arrived. Was it worth the wait? No. Is that the real question? No.

The real question is: is that a new world record? The answer is: I doubt it, but it's a new personal best.

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