Weblog entries for October 2002


Insomnia, Part II

I cannot get to sleep at all
If I am not quite comfortable.
In order to relax my spine
I keep my back and legs in line.

I toss and turn, and try to make
My back align, but still I ache.
I make a mental note to get
A massage, although I'll forget.

This double bed is long and wide
So why am I curled on one side?
I spread myself around the bed
But now my arm is going dead.

A problem shared, the proverb goes,
Is halved, which is why I suppose
That hearing neighbours on the phone
Just makes me smile. I'm not alone.



I wish that I could go to sleep,
To dream, but no, my brain must keep
On bringing thoughts into my head.
So, cursed, I lie awake in bed.

No stimulants, no food, no stress.
Tried everything, without success.
It's sleep I crave — I lie in wait —
Does Sandman refund if he's late?

If this goes on much longer I'll
Be so annoyed, but now I smile,
For through the ceiling I can tell
My neighbour's still awake as well.


I'm wired, and Wired is tired

This blog entry comes in two versions. If you've read Wired magazine before then you should read the shorthand version, otherwise you're better off with the verbose option.


You know you're cool when something you own (in my case, l'espion camera) appears in Wired's Fetish section. You lose all respect for Wired's Fetish section when that same something is not actually all that good.


Every magazine has a section that you always read first. Ten years ago I used to read the Mint Sauce section of MBUK first, five years ago I would read the Fetish section of Wired first.

Fetish (subtitled "Technolust") is the part of the magazine where they pick out a few gadgets which the reader is almost guaranteed to want to own upon seeing. In the past I've come dangerously close to spending a lot of money on things I've seen in Fetish.

It's always been full of things I don't own but would very much like to own if I had the money or the tendency to spend it. But this month's edition of Wired was different.

I own a camera called l'espion - it's pretty good, it's tiny and takes a reasonable number of photos before plugging into a computer for downloading them. The problems with it are that the battery runs out too fast and the picture quality is terrible, so I don't use it much, if at all.

This month's Wired includes it in the Fetish section. It was the first time I've ever seen anything of mine in there, and it's also the first time I've thought, "actually, that's not all that great, I don't know why they've got that in there."

So now their reputation's on the line. There's something in their Fetish section I don't instantly desire. They're going to have to work doubleplus hard in future to regain my confidence.


There's only one Chrissy Coleman

I remember the first time I saw Chris Coleman play. He was a huge man, made to look even more huge by virtue of the fact that he was next to Kit Symons. He strode around the pitch with an air of authority I've not seen from any other Fulham defender before or since.

He had everything. Pace, skill, strength, he was equally at home making a last-gasp clearance off the line as he was invading the opposition's penalty area. As well as all that, he was an inspirational leader and was the perfect captain to guide Fulham from Second Division obscurity to the verge of the Premiership.

I remember the Worthington Cup match against Spurs in which he tackled David Ginola so hard he nearly put him in the river, and the look on his face when he put Fulham 3-2 ahead against Leicester later that season.

In January 2001 he was involved in a car accident in which he broke his leg. During his battle to get back to the top of his game, he has been forced to sit on the sidelines and watch Fulham find their feet in the Premiership. The closest he came to recovery was when he came on as an 89th-minute substitute in a Wales international to rapturous applause.

But he was to come no closer. Yesterday he finally admitted defeat, and will retire from playing to take up a coaching post with the club.

Goodbye Chris, you were fantastic. Thanks for the memories.

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