Weblog entries for 26 November 2002


Spoiling everything

Since the Two Towers trailer is showing a huge spoiler (which I won't repeat here, for those of you who don't know G… erm, never mind) I thought I'd get in on the act.

  1. The hitmen are in the diner that was being robbed.
  2. His best friend is the other half of his split personality.
  3. Sean Connery is the king.
  4. They shoot each other with blanks.
  5. He's a replicant.
  6. He's his mother.
  7. He's dead.
  8. Spock dies.
  9. Tom Hanks dies.
  10. They all die.
  11. The child sees his future self die.
  12. Her son sends his father to his death to save her life.
  13. They drive off a cliff.
  14. She leaves with her husband instead of staying with her true love.
  15. Lassie comes home.

The first person to supply me with the correct answers wins my undying admiration… :-)

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