Weblog entries for 22 January 2003


They couldn't organise a bunfight in Kipling's

Three weeks ago, I bought a FireWire card for my computer from those lovely people at Dabs. Which was nice.

A week later, they sent me a printer. It's quite a nice one: it's by Epson and it does colour printing as well as being a scanner and copier. The only problem is that I didn't order it.

The first thing I did was check with my bank to see if I'd been charged for it. This didn't seem to be the case, so I had a good laugh at Dabs' expense and sent them an email asking whether they'd like to come and get it.

Three weeks later, and they have finally got around to giving me a returns code, so I can arrange for it to be collected at my convenience, at no charge to me. The only problem is that their online collections process thinks I want to return the FireWire card, because naturally they have no record of me ordering the printer.

And so the saga continues. This is still quite amusing, but I'm sure I'll eventually tire of having to explain things over and over again. Anyone want a printer?

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