Weblog entries for April 2003


Apple unfortunately deliver as promised

I remember when Apple brought out the first iPod; almost everyone who saw it immediately wanted one. Like most Apple announcement, there had been rumours flying round the net beforehand, but the reality surpassed all the rumours by a country mile.

This time around, I'm strangely underwhelmed. Most of the rumours turn out to have been dead right: even an artist's impression of how the new models would look was accurate. My first thought was, “Is that it?” And worse, I think I prefer the old design, despite the new model being thinner and lighter. The new layout of the buttons doesn't look as good as it did before.

Worse still, the much-anticipated online music store is only available in the US. That's a sure-fire way to disinterest those of use outside the country, because when (if?) it finally does become available internationally, the initial urge to impulse-buy will have subsided.

The question is, am I going to get one? Of course I am. :-)



We've got a BT line at home in order to get Internet access, and we also use their 1571 answering service. It's quite simple: when you pick up the receiver you hear a different dial tone if you have messages waiting.

The only problem is, we hardly ever use the phone for voice calls, so we hardly ever listen to the dial tone or think to check for messages.

I've been away for a while so I haven't been around to check. (If you know with whom, then you can guess where. Hint: she's Teri Polo to my Ben Stiller.) Tonight was official ER-and-pizza night with the added bonus of Manchester United v Real Madrid beforehand, so I phoned the pizza delivery people.

I discovered that on the 7th of April, some random bloke left a message on our answering service, and he was going on about his barrister not having turned up at court with him, and some piece of evidence going missing, and all kinds of stuff until his two minutes were up and he got cut off.


What I want to know is, who was he? And who was he intending to phone? I rashly deleted his message, so if anyone knows a defendant waiting to hear back from his barrister, give them a shout.


Fulham deluged

“Fulham deluged,” was the back page headline on tonight's Evening Standard, on a story about the large number of applicants for the vacant manager's job. There's a good chance they could run the same headline tomorrow morning, only this time it would be a fairly accurate assessment of tonight's match.

We're not really sure what happened there. I've certainly seen Fulham play worse (against Charlton and Birmingham, to name but two) and tonight we had more attacking play and more shots at goal than I've seen for most of the season, too.

Somehow we failed to score, and somehow Blackburn took virtually every chance they had. Once the fourth goal went in, with about half an hour remaining, Fulham fans started streaming out of the tadium. We decided to stay till the end, to avoid the rush.

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