Weblog entries for 21 May 2003


I am remaining calm

Today's the day Matrix Reloaded comes out in the UK. I'm going to see it this evening, at a 10pm showing. I hope I can manage to stay awake during the whole thing. :-)

I'm trying not to get too excited about it: I want to keep my expectations low so I won't be disappointed. I'm concerned that this and the third film will dilute the original film too much. It's possible that this is just a case of Hollywood trying to cash in on its previous success rather than leaving well alone and allowing the original film to stand on its own as a masterpiece of cinema.

I hope I'm proved wrong. For every Back To The Future 2 there is a Godfather 2, and for every Honey I Blew Up The Baby there is an Empire Strikes Back. Hopefully the Wachowski brothers will manage to hit the same high notes they reached four years ago.

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