Weblog entries for 12 June 2003


I may have forgotten something

Sometimes, when I leave the house, I get a feeling I've forgotten something. Perhaps I've left the oven on, or left a window open somewhere, or failed to bring something with me that I need. This feeling is of course directly proportional to the length of my absence from the house and the importance of whatever it is I've forgotten.

Another important factor is when this feeling strikes. Usually it's when I'm far enough away from the house that going back to check would be at best annoying, or impossible, such as when my train is pulling out of Waterloo.

When I pop over the road to buy the Sunday paper, there's never any feeling at all. When leaving for work for the day, I get the occasional minor twinge (fortunately, the odds of me having used the oven in the morning are extraordinarily low). Then there's that old classic, going on holiday.

Now I'm moving house. Given that the feeling, the duration and the importance are proportional, and that I'll be leaving the house for ever, can I expect to get an infinitely bad feeling that I've forgotten something infinitely important?

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