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British Gas have threatened to bill me

I got a letter from British Gas last week. No, come back, don't stop reading, it gets more interesting than that. Well, slightly.

The estate agents who manage the house I rent are remarkably efficient. They have notified all the relevant entities that I now live here, and so I have been getting bills addressed to me without having to phone and ask for them. Whether this is a good thing or not is left for the reader to decide, but the upshot is that British Gas sent me a letter without me having to tell them my name.

So, this letter was telling me that they supply my electricity. This was a little surprising, but hey, that's deregulation for you. They even provide telephone service these days, don't they? Fine by me. But the letter just said that they supply my electricity, and not much else. It wasn't a bill, it was just a waste of a stamp as far as I could tell. It did say that I'd be receiving a bill soon, though.

Yesterday I got another letter from them, telling me that they supply my electricity. This letter didn't come as quite as much of a surprise as the previous letter telling me precisely the same thing, but nevertheless I was quite surprised that it wasn't a bill. This letter, too, said that I'd be receiving a bill soon. Another waste of a stamp, really.

I'm thinking of writing them a letter to let them know that they supply my electricity and that they're going to send me a bill soon. At least, I presume so. Maybe they'll just send me another of those letters.


I rest my case

It's fairly common knowledge that I'm not the world's greatest fan of Harry Potter. Sometimes my criticisms feel like a whisper in a hurricane, such is the level of fanaticism surrounding the books.

But if you won't take my word for it, how about that of the Booker Prize winner? AS Byatt, writing in the New York Times, said the latest book was “derivative” and catered for readers with stunted imaginations.

Enough said. I'm off to read some more Tolkien. :-)

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