Weblog entries for 10 September 2003


My computing prowess

Let's be honest. Linux can be harder to configure than Windows, even if you're an experienced user. Last night I was setting up my computer to talk to a modem: an exercise which turned out to be much more complicated than it needed to be.

I'd driven over to my parents' house to pick up a serial cable from my brother. When I got home I crawled under my desk, looked behind the computer with a torch to find out which serial port was which, and plugged the modem into the correct one.

I then went through a myriad configuration options, before eventually setting up everything. I tried to dial, but the computer just sat waiting patiently for the modem to initialise, while a glance at the modem showed that none of its lights were flashing. They weren't talking.

I checked and double-checked everything, changed a few things around, without success. I tinkered with it for ages, but simply could not get the two to communicate. It was as though they weren't connected, but I was sure I'd plugged the modem in properly.

Then I realised that there are two computers under my desk.

You can guess the rest. :-)

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