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Well, it's official: I'm leaving London.

I have been living outside London for three months, but now I'm going to be working outside London too. That final commute is going to feel a little weird, to say the least. I've spent almost my entire working life in London: all except my first job have been here. Friday 26th September will be the last time I'm in London for the foreseeable future.

This morning was a perfect example of something I won't miss about working here. From getting off my train to getting on the tube at Waterloo took 20 minutes. There were so many people everywhere, it was ridiculous. I had to queue for ages for the privilege of being squeezed onto the tube. (One good thing about being tall is that I only get people's hair in my face, not their armpits.)

I was born in London, but my parents moved out to Hampshire shortly before I got too tall for the top deck of Routemasters. Naturally I moved back at the first opportunity. I remember the knowing smile from my mother as she told me that I'd get tired of it one day; after all, they had too. Obviously I didn't believe her: London was the most fantastic place in the world, and travelling on the tube was the most exciting experience. (Considering I grew up in Hampshire, that's not saying much.)

So, yeah. Next, I'm looking for a new permanent job, probably in the Reading area, but while I do that (here comes the blatant bit of self-publicity) I'll be available for the odd bit of freelance work. You know where to find me if you want me. :-)

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Well, it's official: I'm leaving London.

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