Weblog entries for 17 May 2004


Jazz is great

First Songs by Gwyneth Herbert and Will Rutter. Get it now. This means you.

Gwyn went to the same sixth form college as me, which means I'm obliged to be a fan. Not that I'd need to be forced into doing so: this is a superb album.

We went to see them play live on Saturday night, and I was gobsmacked by how good they are. She has an incredible voice which alternated between threatening to blow the roof off the place and being a tiny whisper. His guitar playing is very skilled, smooth and creamy enough to complement her voice perfectly. They were joined by a man playing the double bass like nothing you've ever heard before.

The album doesn't really do them justice, particularly the voice. Is recorded music ever as good as that which is live? You must buy it nevertheless.

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