Weblog entries for 27 May 2004


Congratulations are due to my sister

Today my sister reached her 18th birthday without suffering serious injury at the hands of either of her elder brothers. It wasn't my fault she broke her arm that time, okay?

Moving swiftly on…

I decided to make her a present of a CD with one track from each year of her life. The choice was restricted to those tracks which are in my music collection and those which she would like. There would be little point in giving her a CD she'd never listen to!

It proved extremely difficult to choose the final 18. There is just so much good music out there that picking just one song from each year is next to impossible. In the end I had to make two CDs. They finished up as follows:

CD 1Graceland — Paul Simon
The Living Daylights — A-ha
Smooth Criminal — Michael Jackson
She Bangs The Drums — The Stone Roses
Groove Is In The Heart — Deee-Lite
Smells Like Teen Spirit — Nirvana
Friday I'm In Love — The Cure
Sometimes — James
Only Wanna Be With You — Hootie And The Blowfish
The Bends — Radiohead
A Design For Life — Manic Street Preachers
Brimful Of Asha (Fatboy Slim Remix) — Cornershop
History Repeating — Propellerheads
Coffee & TV — Blur
Dancing In The Moonlight — Toploader
Save Me — Embrace
Pounding — Doves
Move Your Feet — Junior Senior

CD 2There Is A Light That Never Goes Out — The Smiths
Always On My Mind — Pet Shop Boys
She Drives Me Crazy — Fine Young Cannibals
A View To A Kill — Duran Duran
My Definition (Of A Boombastic Jazz Style) — Dream Warriors
Shiny Happy People — R.E.M.
Step It Up — Stereo MCs
Regret — New Order
Mini — Corduroy
Disco 2000 — Pulp
Caribbean Breeze — The Wiseguys
Walkin' On The Sun — Smash Mouth
20th Century Boy — Placebo
Generator — Foo Fighters
Once Around The Block — Badly Drawn Boy
19-2000 (Soulchild Remix) — Gorillaz
Summer Sun — Koop
You Got The Style — Athlete

Also, as the tradition goes, I made artwork for the inlays of each CD's jewel case. If you'd like to recreate these albums yourself, assuming you've got all the songs listed here, copies of the artwork are available upon request.

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