Weblog entries for 1 October 2004

AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Earthlink and Comcast to start requiring SPF on incoming email
“[Messages] that cannot be authenticated will be assumed to be spam or a phishing attempt and will be rejected.” If this is right, it seems a pretty drastic (and welcome) step in the fight against spam.

Transport Direct
Londoners have had something similar for a while; now there's a journey planner covering the whole of the UK.

Tories pushed into fourth place in Hartlepool by-election
Would the last person to leave Conservative Central Office please turn out the light?

Marketing Firefox
“Goals: 10 million downloads for Firefox 1.0 within 100 days after its release; 10%+ marketshare within 12 months.”

IE — embraced, extended, extinct?
CNet special report on what the future holds for IE.

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