Weblog entries for 7 October 2004

Global Vote 2004
Let the US know your opinion on this year's election.

Ten commands every Linux developer should know
Excellent article. Things like this make me realise how little I really know.

Paris by night
Prepare to scroll sideways. Beautiful 360° photo of the Paris skyline.


Big band, small name

Last night our local pub (which is marvellous, by the way, we must take you there some time) had a group playing live jazz. They'd been advertising it on the blackboards for a couple of weeks and, since we are quite partial to the odd bit of jazz, we went along.

They were pretty good, I must say. When we got there they had already started, and we were lucky to get a table because the place was packed. There were two of them — one playing trumpet and flugelhorn alternately and the other playing alto or tenor sax, with backing tracks playing bass and percussion.

The only odd thing about them was their name. You know how some jazz ensembles name themselves: “The Miles Davis Quintet” or “Dave Brubeck Quartet”, for example. It's sensible because it directs your attention to the most important thing (i.e. that Miles Davis is playing) while saving the trouble of thinking up a clever name or having to list the names of all the musicians.

The twosome playing last night were called “The Simon Currie Duo” which struck me as rather silly. Granted, it does save the trouble of thinking up a clever name, but would they be wasting all that many letters by giving the name of the other bloke? “Simon Currie and John Smith” doesn't take up that much extra room, does it?

We spent half the time speculating. Which one of the two was Simon Currie? (Consensus was that it was the trumpeter.) What was the saxophonist's name and had he deliberately chosen to remain anonymous? These questions need answers.

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