Weblog entries for 18 November 2004

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts
If, like me, you have ever thought that cmd-shift-3 is a stupidly obscure key combination for Print Screen, this exhaustive list may be of some assistance.

Inside Apple's new Regent Street store
The first photos of the interior. It opens on Saturday at 10am, folks: start queueing now! Next time I'm up in London I'm definitely going to gawk.

GrApple — Mac themes for Firefox
I like the default Firefox theme, but these take it up a notch.

Ruler bookmarklet
Best bookmarklet ever.

Thinking like a genius
You don't have to have an Einstein-like haircut to think cleverly.

Brushed metal iPod
Yes, you read that right. No, I wouldn't be brave enough to do this. It does look cool though.

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