Weblog entries for 11 January 2005

Mac mini
Wow. Take your existing keyboard, mouse and monitor and plug them into this tiny machine. Prices start at £339. So now what's your excuse for not getting a Mac?

SmartDeck — cassette adapter for iPod
It's like one of those cassette adapters that have been around for years, except it also sends back forward and rewind information to the iPod. Forehead-slappingly brilliant.

ISBN numbers will soon be longer
As of 1 January 2007, all ISBN numbers will grow from 10 digits to 13. This looks like yet another mammoth IT task.

Tall Persons Club GB & Ireland
“… dedicated to providing information for and promoting the interests of tall people.” Finally!

Keeping your life in Subversion
(Non-geeks, please look away now.) Replicate your home directory across multiple computers, keep a version history of every file, and have distributed backups. I already backup with rsync but this takes it up several notches.

Resignation speeches and letters from throughout the 20th century.

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