Weblog entries for 10 April 2005

How to give Blair a bloody nose
“You are a disgruntled Labour voter. You opposed the Iraq war, and the Prevention of Terrorism Act. You would like to weaken Tony Blair.” This page gives some advice on how to vote tactically to get your point across. There seems to be a lot of this going on.

Monster Raving Loony Party
I love their manifesto. “We will issue a 99p coin to save on change. … We pledge to reduce class sizes by making the pupils sit closer to one another and issuing them with smaller desks. … We will replace the House of Lords with the House of Cards, to make it easier for the Government to deal with.”

Which of the political parties do most for your pocket
A summary of how the major parties' policies would affect your bank balance. No major surprises: Labour may have to raise taxes, the Conservatives would cut bureaucracy, and the LibDems want to increase the top rate of tax to 50%.

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