Weblog entries for August 2005

The perfect album
Finding an album in which every track is great. Got, got, need, got, need, need…


SlimStat 0.3

I've released a new version of SlimStat, my simple but powerful web stats analyser. It contains several new features.

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Why good programmers are lazy and dumb
Lazy, so they'll want to write the kind of tools that might replace them. Dumb, so they'll keep learning and being critical of their own work.

World Beard and Moustache Championships
If only I wasn't busy on 1st October! Oh well, there's always next time.

A game that's similar to chess, and can be played with a chess set, but has been designed intentionally to be difficult for computers to play.

Adds a sidebar to Mail in Tiger, allowing you to add Spotlight metadata to your emails directly.

Simple but strangely riveting clock.

Google Talk
Google's new text and voice chat service has now launched.

Small utility for Mac OS X that makes screenshots of web pages. Very nice.

Akamai stats
Mmm, stats. That's a terrifyingly large amount of bandwidth.

Dead air space
Radiohead have started a weblog, which so far seems to be suitably weird and wonderful.



I've released the first public version of SlimStat, a simple web stats analyser based on Shaun Inman's excellent ShortStat.

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An experimental hardware/software interface from Sony's research labs. The video is large but well worth watching.

Mighty Mouse
No, not the cartoon superhero. Apple have finally released a mouse that has more than one button.

Explore Flickr
Interesting photos from the last 24 hours, and lots more ways to explore photos on Flickr. One to visit regularly, I think.

Yamaha paper craft
Downloadable origami instructions for impressively realistic models of bikes, animals and more.

Palin's Travels
Michael Palin has put the full text of all of his travel books online, for free.

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