Weblog entries for September 2005

A choose your own adventure comic.

Rock Paper Scissors 15
A slightly more complex of Rock Paper Scissors with 105 possible outcomes.


SlimStat 0.5

The newest version of SlimStat, my simple but powerful web stats analyser, is now available. Here's a brief summary of what's new.

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A real-time strategy game that involves mud people who must survive being washed away by rain or dried out by the sun.

Ball Bounce
Get the ball to the other side. Simple but addictive.

X-Wing origami from a Paris Metro ticket
With step-by-step photos. This is absolutely amazing.

Google Blog Search
Their latest service: search focused on blogs. Goodbye Technorati?

Really nice multiplayer Monopoly-like game.

Real ale drinkers on the rise
“More real ales - 2,000 different ones - are being brewed than at any time since 1971.” You know it makes sense.

Acoustic snooping on typed information
If you have an audio recording of somebody typing for 15 minutes or so, you can figure out everything they typed. This is precisely why I play loud music all day.

An interactive role-playing game, where you get to suggest the next move and influence how the story progresses. Neat idea.

Icons in iTunes 5
Very interesting. The new iTunes 5 contains a new "Purchased Movies" icon, amongst other things.

The Guardian is changing its size
Preview the new "Berliner" size newspaper, which launches on Monday. They're also putting colour on every page.

iPod nano
That is unbelievably small. Now all I have to do is wait a couple of years until I can fit my entire music collection on something that size.

The Slow Tail: Time lag between visiting and buying
Users often convert to buyers long after their initial visit to a website. A full 5% of orders occur more than four weeks later. Shopping baskets, landing pages and stats packages need to take this into account.


SlimStat 0.4

What better day to release version 0.4 of SlimStat than on the 4th day of the month? Hot on the heels of version 0.3, it's packed with loads of new stuff. Read on to find out more.

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Swedish Campground
How that unusual symbol ended up on the Command key on the Mac.

Lego Factory
Create Lego models, then buy custom-made kits of your designs, or those that others have uploaded. This is incredibly dangerous.

Why technology misses the masses
Manufacturers aim for young males — who are most interested in new, shiny things — and fail to appeal to women or the over-45s.

Crash Bonsai
Here's what happens when model cars crash into bonsai trees.

Post-Katrina images of New Orleans on Google Maps
Satellite imagery of New Orleans showing the damage from the hurricane. Switching between the before and after images is staggering.

Build a bridge across the board before the computer builds one from top to bottom.

Oblong Pictures
Stop-motion films made with Lego.

The Interdictor
Live blogging from an ISP admin in New Orleans.

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