SlimStat 0.4


The newest version of SlimStat, my simple but powerful web stats analyser, is now available.

Here's a brief summary of what's new in this version.

Timezone support

Back by popular demand. Edit the dt_offset_hrs setting in _config.php to specify how many hours your local time is ahead of your server's time. I'd appreciate feedback on this, as it's quite hard for me to test, because my server is in the same time zone as me.

Port of the ShortStat Widget gateway script

This one will be most of interest to Mac OS X Tiger users. The zip contains a new file, widget.php, which is a port of the gateway script for the ShortStat Widget, enabling you to use it with SlimStat.

Summary section now shows new unique referrers

As well as showing recent referrers, the Summary section now also shows new domains which haven't linked to your site before. It's a handy way of seeing who's written about you in their weblog.

New panels showing hit totals by weekday or hour

SlimStat already allows you to see hits by hour within a single day, or by day in a single week, but now you can see total hits by weekday or hour for any time period you specify.

Allow enabling/disabling of every module

SlimStat allows you to filter data however you choose, and there is an awful lot of information available. If you'd prefer not to see a particular module, turn it off via the show_modules variable in _config.php.

Updated CSS with better IE support

Until now I'd only tested SlimStat in Safari and Firefox (hey, gimme a break, it's not at 1.0 yet!), but this version will now look considerably nicer in most modern browsers.

As always, more information is available on the SlimStat page, along with screenshots. Let me know how you get on.

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What better day to release version 0.4 of SlimStat than on the 4th day of the month? Hot on the heels of version 0.3, it's packed with loads of new stuff. Read on to find out more.

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