Weblog entries for October 2005

Johnny Haynes
Fulham's greatest ever player. RIP. :-(


SlimStat 0.6

The newest version of SlimStat, my simple but powerful web stats analyser, is now available. Here's what's new.

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Weblog usability: the top ten mistakes
“Weblogs are often too internally focused and ignore key usability issues, making it hard for new readers to understand the site and trust the author.”

Ideas for Startups
A Paul Graham essay on why thinking of ideas for starting a company is easier than most people think.

This Bird Has Flown
A 40th anniversary tribute to The Beatles' Rubber Soul.

Rock Paper Scissors 25
25 gestures, 300 outcomes. This is just getting silly.

The Noguchi filing system
Don't classify your documents, just arrange them in the order you last needed them.

Set your priorities
Joel Spolsky's advice on how to priotise which features to add to the software you're building.

Remember The Milk
An excellent way to manage your to-do lists online.

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