SlimStat 0.7


The newest version of SlimStat, my simple but powerful web stats analyser, is now available.

Here's a brief summary of what's new in this version.

Re-implementation of the PathStats plugin for ShortStat

By popular demand, I've written a version of the PathStats plugin so you can see the paths that recent visitors have taken through your site. A more configurable version of this will appear in a later release.

Option not to log hits from search engine crawlers

To reduce database size, you can now choose not to log hits from search engine crawlers. There was already an option not to display them, but now you can stop them being logged at all. If my site is anything to go by, enabling this option should save you a considerable amount of space. Set log_crawlers to false in _config.php.

Beginnings of a framework for plugins

Not quite available for public consumption yet, but I am intending to make SlimStat capable of using plugins. The new Paths screen is built using the beginnings of a new plugins framework under development. Watch this space.

For more information

As always, more information is available on the SlimStat page, along with screenshots. I hope you like it.

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The newest version of SlimStat is now available. Here's what's new. Update: version 0.7.2 is out.

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