Weblog entries for December 2005

Google Safe Browsing
A new plugin for Firefox 1.5 that alerts you if the web site you're visiting is asking for your information under false pretences. Nice one.

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web
Stepping through the principles from the book The Elements of Typographic Style and applying them to the web.

Google Homepage API
Wow. It's now possible for anyone to write modules that can appear on your personalised Google homepage.

Samorost 2
Sequel to the brilliant Flash game. Chapter 1 is free, but if you get addicted you'll have to pay $9.90 for Chapter 2.


SlimStat 0.8

Version 0.8 of SlimStat is now available. See what's new here.

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Ten reasons to learn and use web standards
Show this to anyone who doubts that web standards are a good thing.

Good game for winter: clear away all the snow.

Ricky Gervais podcasts for The Guardian
Starting on Monday, he'll be making a series of 12 podcasts, tackling the big questions such as, “Jellyfish - do we need them?” Should be interesting.

Best of 2005
Like last year, here's a page that's keeping track of all the 'best of 2005' lists.

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