SlimStat 0.8


Version 0.8 of SlimStat, my simple but powerful web stats analyser, is now available.

Here's a brief summary of what's new in this version.

Huge internal rewrite for better extensibility

This version doesn't have many changes visible on the front end, but SlimStat's internals have been rewritten and code has moved around quite a bit. This is really just another step towards making a useful API for which plugins can be written in future.

New 'Referrers' module which appears when filtering by domain

Select a domain to filter by, and you'll see a new module showing all referrers from that domain. So if your site is linked to from various pages on a site, you can see a breakdown of which specific URLs are generating the most hits. This is also handy for looking at what strings people enter in search engines when they find you.

Links to whois services when filtering by visitor or domain

Now when you filter by visitor or domain, you'll see a question mark appear next to the filter's label. This links to a whois server where you can find out more about your visitors.


It's now possible to internationalise SlimStat. All the text is now in a separate file, which can be rewritten in the language of your choice.

To translate SlimStat, add a new file at i18n/foo/index.php, by making a copy of i18n/en-gb/index.php, where foo is the language code. To use the new language, change the language setting in _config.php from its default of en-gb.

If you've translated SlimStat into a different language, please send me the file and I'll include it in future releases.

Update: I've created a mailing list for discussion of i18n at Google Groups.

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Version 0.8 of SlimStat is now available. See what's new here.

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