SlimStat 0.9


Version 0.9 of SlimStat, my simple but powerful web stats analyser, is now available.

Here's a brief summary of what's new in this version.

Ability to remove older data to reduce database size

By popular demand, you can now remove older data from SlimStat to help stop your database growing too large. Edit the max_data_age_days setting in _config.php and then visit the new Admin plugin (which you should see in the menu) to remove older data. SlimStat keeps a summary count of hits, visits and IPs in a separate table for posterity.

It was suggested that this should all happen automatically, but I found it to be too slow. If you'd like to fiddle around in the code, it should be reasonably simple to make the relevant changes for this to happen. I would really appreciate feedback on this function.

Ability to specify the first day of the week

Weeks start on Sunday by default, but you can now edit the week_start_day setting in _config.php to make them start on any day you wish.

New wider layout for some modules to show more text

Some modules had too much text to show in SlimStat's layout, so I've widened a few of them to make more text visible.


Many thanks to various contributors who have translated SlimStat into these languages: German (de-de), Dutch (nl-nl), and Traditional Chinese (zh-tw). To use any of these translations, change the i18n setting in _config.php to your desired language code.

If you've translated SlimStat into a different language, please send me the file and I'll include it in future releases. I've created a mailing list for discussion of i18n at Google Groups.

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Version 0.9 of SlimStat is now available, including the ability to remove older data from the database. Read more here.

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