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Dan Wolfgang's avatarDan Wolfgang → http://www.danandsherree.com

A great update, Stephen!

Minor bug/note/correction: in _config.php, valid attributes appear to be "hits" and "visits," neither "total" or "uniques" work for me. (Which is fine, as I prefer hits.)

Stephen's avatarStephen

Dan: thanks! And well spotted, "totals" should indeed read "hits". Also, "uniques" will only work if you have specified that you want to see the Uniques column, by setting "show_ips" to be true. I\'ll extend the comments to clarify this in the file. Renaming "show_ips" to "show_uniques" would be clearer and more consistent, too.

Dan Wolfgang's avatarDan Wolfgang → http://www.danandsherree.com

Well, Stephen, having played with Mint for a few minutes, I have to admit that I\'m a little underwhelmed by it. I think the way I can fine-tune the data views in SlimStat is really a "home run." I\'m spoiled by your product, I guess!

Dan Wolfgang's avatarDan Wolfgang → http://www.danandsherree.com

A minor change I\'ve made to the CSS is to specify the module width in ems. It\'s useful for when I want to make the text bigger to study some of the data a bit more.

Stephen's avatarStephen

Dan: that\'s a good idea. I used px because I wanted to make three modules fit on an 800x600 screen, and four on 1024x768. The widths were percentages originally, but that didn\'t work in IE/Mac. I\'ve got a feeling that using ems would make the truncation a bit less hit-and-miss too. I\'ll fiddle around with it some more.

William's avatarWilliam → http://www.bombast.org/

Maybe you could add a way to show the name of the post titles instead of the urls? Like all I see right now for the page names are "/index.php?year=2005&" and I have to look at the the link title to figure out what the page name is.

Ryan Thrash's avatarRyan Thrash → http://modxcms.com

Great timing on finding this. We\'re looking for a schwanky new stats component to go with our new CMS application (see my website link), and it looks like this just might fit the bill perfectly.

Any chance you\'re planning on implementing the "rolling" database concept Shaun is doing with Mint?

Ryan Thrash's avatarRyan Thrash → http://modxcms.com

Forgot to also ask:

Any plans for implementing PathStats: http://jehiah.com/projects/pathstats/

Stephen's avatarStephen

Ryan: I\'m not sure what you mean by the \'rolling\' database concept. Do you mean that it removes older stats from the system? I don\'t think this is an issue with SlimStat, because it allows you to filter data by a time period, so you can just look at today\'s data, for example. This means it\'s quicker than querying the entire database. For huge databases it will begin to slow down a bit, so perhaps this is something to consider for the future.

As for PathStats, you can currently filter down to one \'visit\', i.e. one person\'s session. SlimStat will then show you the duration of the visit, and which pages they looked at, although not in chronological order. So it\'s nearly there. I guess the only thing missing is being able to see that data for many visits at once, which wouldn\'t be all that hard to add in.

Watch this space. :-)

Ryan Thrash's avatarRyan Thrash → http://modxcms.com

The database ballooning up is the main reason why Shaun rewrote Mint and changed the way it works. For example our CMS runs ironmanlive.com and it will dish out during peak times 10,000,000 pages over 4 days. The stats database would kill the performance. Then again, now that I think about it, they\'d definitely turn off the DB-based stat tracking and rely on the Apache logs for performance reasons. The stats database is going to be an issue for medium to large-sized sites.

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