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Ryan Thrash's avatarRyan Thrash → http://modxcms.com

A semi-inverse of not logging search spiders would be cool too... load a path stats instance up ONLY showing search spiders.

Stephen's avatarStephen → http://wettone.com

Yep, that's definitely one for the future. The idea is that you can switch between viewing filtered details and path stats, and the filter settings will carry over from one to the other. So if you set the filters to show only the crawlers, then you can look at the corresponding paths. Similarly you can filter by a specific date period, and see all paths taken in that time.

Tom's avatarTom

How do you upgrade from 0.6 to 0.7?

Stephen's avatarStephen → http://wettone.com

Tom: the simplest way is to unzip the new version, change _config.php to your liking, and upload it over your 0.6 installation. Your site will then pick up the new inc.stats.php automatically.

I'd advise running setup.php and re-importing the country data, because 0.7 comes with a more recent version of this, which identifies many more IP addresses than before. When that's done, you can remove setup.php and start using 0.7.

Tom's avatarTom

Perfect. Works excellently.
Thank you.

cboone's avatarcboone → http://hypsometry.com/

0.7 rocks! Thanks Stephen...

One request: when filtering by domain, would it be possible to list specific paths from which the hits are coming? For instance, I get hits from Bloglines, and though tracking people coming in from Bloglines as a whole is interesting, it\'d also be interesting to get a sense of how many different people are coming in that way.

Marc's avatarMarc → http://www.newoceans.nl/en-local

Once again, excellent stuff Stephen! This is so cool... The paths plugin is what I\'ve been waiting for, it really finishes it off. As we -dutchies- use to say: it\'s the salmons nose ;-)

Marius's avatarMarius → http://oomsonline.com

Good job Stephen...you\'re doing an amazing job, I love the paths implemantation and the new CSS is a nice improvement.

Michael B's avatarMichael B → http://www.miklb.com/blog

I\'ve got everything running, was even simple to include the include with a WordPress theme (put it in the footer), but how can I exclude my own refering? I tried putting my IP in the config, but that didn\'t seem to do it. Not a huge issue, but still curious. Really great so far though. Thanks a ton. I wonder who difficult it would be to alter the shortstat plugin for WP to work with slimstat?

Bryan's avatarBryan → http://www.bmtutorials.com

Just wanted to say that I am very glad your continuing your work with slimstat. I find it extremely useful and use it almost every day on a few of my domains. Thanks for this wonderful utility :)

moraes's avatarmoraes → http://smalltalking.com

SlimStat is now a plugin for NucleusCMS. See: http://forum.nucleuscms.org/viewtopic.php?t=9807

I had to change the db to make stats in a per blog basis. It would be great if I could set a filter using the config (I had to hardcode a filter to search for results given a blog id).

Also: any plans for internationalization? I would like to help with this.

Thanks for the great script.

Ryan Thrash's avatarRyan Thrash → http://modxcms.com

Curiosity: what are the diffs in 0.7.1 and 0.7.2?

Also, what\'s on the dev plan for 0.8 ... we just got this running in our CMS under PHP5 as you\'re aware and it\'s awesome! Thanks for such great work and a cool project. :D

Stephen's avatarStephen → http://wettone.com

Michael: I'm glad to hear it works OK with WordPress. I don't use that myself, so I have no idea how hard it would be to port SlimStat to work with it. Any volunteers? :-)

moraes: Yes, i18n is definitely on the map for the future. Your hardcoded filter idea sounds interesting. Couldn't you get around it by having separate SlimStat installations for separate blogs? If you include a separate inc.stats.php in each site and have separate database tables, they should all co-exist happily.

Ryan: the only difference between 0.7.1 and 0.7.2 is a fix to the daily RSS feed. Since 0.7, SlimStat has no longer done a mysql_select_db() call, to help avoid breaking sites' code. This meant that I needed to alter all my SQL queries to specify the database, and I'd forgotten to do it in that one place.

As for 0.8... I'm not sure really. I've got a list of stuff that would be nice to do at some point, but I don't yet know the order in which they'll appear. Things that may or may not appear before or at 1.0 are:

- a 'rolling' database that deletes entries over a certain age
- the ability to call SlimStat via JavaScript
- i18n, as I've already mentioned
- links to whois lookups for domains and IPs
- the ability to change configuration settings via the front end

I'd also like to do graphs, although this may well involve Flash, which is outside my skill set, so I may leave this for someone else to do via a plug-in.

chaille's avatarchaille → http://dougstanhope.com

I got turned on to Slimstat by Father luke ( fatherluke.com) and successfully installed on a website using wordpress. My installation on a regular .html site has not worked out so well. the php include is messing with my regular includes. Is there a way for them both to be present and work?


Colin Cameron's avatarColin Cameron → http://www.colincameron.com

Just out of curiosity is there a way to get Keegan Jones ShortStat widget to work with Slim Stats? Is the gateway.php file compatible?

Stephen's avatarStephen → http://wettone.com

chaille: You will need PHP in order to be able to use SlimStat; it won't work with just plain HTML pages.

Colin: Yes, use widget.php, that comes with SlimStat, to hook up to the ShortStat widget.

Colin Cameron's avatarColin Cameron → http://www.colincameron.com

Awesome! thanks for the quick reply.

Father Luke's avatarFather Luke → http://fatherluke.com/Book

I use slimstat for a couple of different platforms.

Wordpress and Textpattern.

Thanks, Stephen !

Faher Luke

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