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claudio's avatarclaudio → http://www.soulcreation.com/blog


I just installed your plugin. Have not much to say since data is comming in. But it looks really good!!

Nice job!!!!


Kevin Aylward's avatarKevin Aylward → http://wizbangblog.com/

Any timeframe on the addition of "a \'rolling\' database that deletes entries over a certain age?" That was mentioned in the .7 time frame. I love the program, but on a high traffic site the database sizes grows out of hand. If I could limit it to a rolling window of X number of days I wouldn\'t have to reinstall once a month...

Stephen's avatarStephen → http://wettone.com

Kevin: I'm aiming to get it into 0.9, which will probably be out in mid-January. Hope you can survive until then. :-)

Kevin Aylward's avatarKevin Aylward → http://wizbangblog.com/

I\'ll probably just have to to the drop database and reinstall method again before then. Doing that once a month not so painful - the problem is remembering to do it before my account\'s disk space limit is reached. :-).

Stephen's avatarStephen → http://wettone.com

You don't need to drop the database each time, you could just run this query in MySQL:

TRUNCATE slimstat;

That will remove all the entries from the table. It will save you the bother of reinstalling and it will also leave the countries table intact.

Windapple's avatarWindapple → http://www.gm-d.de

Very nice thing, and very usefull indeed. Keep up the good work!
But I must agree that the database grows very quickly, it collected nearly 30MB in 8 days (around 50.000 hits up to now). But nevertheless, I don\'t want to miss this tool, great help for analysing the referrers and the search words my visitors have when they come.

Robert Wetzlmayr's avatarRobert Wetzlmayr → http://awasteofwords.com/

Thanks for another great update. In case sombody wanted to use SlimStat with Textpattern and avoid modifying core Textpattern code my plugin for integrating those two packages might come handy.

Download and more information over here: http://awasteofwords.com/article/wetslimpattern-textpattern-plugin.

mynd's avatarmynd → http://www.myndpollution.com

Hello Stephen

I am really liking your script here. However, I am getting this error whenever someone comes to the site


I was wondering if you might be able to check it out on my site as well and maybe help me clear this error up. I am running windows 2003, IIS PHP 5.04 and MYSql 4.1.11.

Thank you in advace for your time.

Ryan Crisman's avatarRyan Crisman

Yes adding the rolling database would be very nice.

So far my database for my site is at 58mb and thats just 3 weeks of data.

Ryan Thrash's avatarRyan Thrash → http://modxcms.com

Keep up the great work!

Will the rolling stats implmentation delete or export the legacy data in case you want to go back and do historical comps. Also, will it write "summary stats" to another table for historical comps?

Windapple's avatarWindapple → http://www.gm-d.de

@mynd: in your _config.php, try to turn "var = true;" into "var = false;" and try again.

KO's avatarKO → http://ko.offroadpakistan.com

I\'m seconding the request for a rolling database too! It\'s not so much the size of the database which is the issue - slimstat seems to slow down as the db gets larger.

Another request: In the summary page, I\'d like to be able to click the Recent Referrers module and see a longer listing. Is there a way to remove google searches from the Recent Referrers listing?

nardo's avatarnardo

nice work stephen

I\'m getting .png files popping up under resources & paths - is there a way to prevent that?

Wilfried's avatarWilfried → http://www.alucinator.com

Hi Stephen,
i have installed SlimStat 0.8 some days ago and i am very impressed. It si a very useful tool.
The only thing i am missing are screen resolution stats.


rj's avatarrj

using slimstat on my father-in-laws website and his home ip has changed several times over the last few months. is there an way other than him remembering to check his ip address and update the config file to exclude (his hits) each time? Something automatic?

thanks for a great piece of software.

Robert Wetzlmayr's avatarRobert Wetzlmayr → http://awasteofwords.com/

I\'d suggest to add a user agent string "Bloglines" to the list of known crawlers.



Kimmo's avatarKimmo → http://kyyhkynen.net

Hi, and huge thanks for the tool!

I was just about to begin to make my own stats tool based on my already-modified shortstat installation that had gotten frustratingly slow due to the growth of the database. And then I found this :)

SlimStat looks great and works like a charm!
(well, of cource some effort had to be put in migrating the shortstat data but other than that, no probs :)

Oh, I found a teensy-weensy bug: the "New Resources" box on the summary page had wrong title :)

My quick-hack-solution for excluding myself from the stats is to set a cookie when I check the stats. Then, in the inc.stats.php the existence of the blocking cookie is checked before a new SlimStatRecord object is created.
This way the browser I use doesn\'t get logged, but other people coming from the same ip (in the case of a proxy, like in my workplace) do.

Stephen's avatarStephen

Hello all, sorry for the long delay, I'm now back from holiday and catching up on replying to everything.

To those of you asking for a rolling database, don't panic, it's the next thing I'm going to do and it'll be in SlimStat 0.9. I am open to suggestions on how it should work. I think it will involve creating a new table to record hit counts down to the day level, so you can still see summaries for day, week and month, but it will remove the data itself so there will be no stats for browser, referrer, visitor, resource, etc.

KO: You can browse through individual days or weeks to get more referrer stats. There's no big list of them, though. There's no way to remove Google from the list of referrers either, sorry!

nardo: At a guess, I suspect you have a PHP-based 404 handler and the PNGs you're seeing are requests for files which don't exist.

Wilfried: Sorry, SlimStat doesn't include screen resolution stats, because that information isn't available to the server AFAIK.

Robert: I've added Bloglines to the list of crawlers. You can add it to inc.stats.php at around line 234. Just add a line similar to those around it.

Kimmo: Thanks for the feedback. That cookie-setting code is an excellent idea. Could you let me have a look at it and include it in SlimStat in future?

Erik DrablÝs's avatarErik DrablÝs → http://zatacka.com

From mySQL-documentation: "Indexes are good for retrieval but bad when you need to store data quickly." I was just curious whether you had done any testing on this. I was wondering since I feel that, while not forever, I can wait quite a bit longer for my stat pages if it means even a small increase in speed for my visitors.

In other news, great work. Liked Shortstat, but stopped using it due to spam and size issues, and I guess somewhat due to a slight lack of details.

Stephen's avatarStephen

Erik: Thanks for your comment. I only have anecdotal evidence, but I think it's fairly compelling. I started using ShortStat in November 2004, and started rewriting it in July 2005. That's when I added the indexes. Since then my traffic has steadily increased so that I am now getting over ten times the number of hits. I would guess that SlimStat is at least as fast now as ShortStat was then, with a tiny fraction of the data, and nobody has told me that they have noticed my pages being served more slowly.

The slowest part of the code, from a visitor's point of view, is the reverse DNS lookup. This was originally done at stats viewing time, but I found it to be too slow and so changed it to happen at page viewing time. It is, however, designed to wait only one second instead of 30 if possible. You can turn it off if you prefer, with the 'show_hostnames' setting in _config.php.

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