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Marc's avatarMarc → http://www.newoceans.nl

Excellent job Stephen, keep up the good work!

Haven\'t had time to see if the Dutch translation could be improved a little (because of the size of some terms), but you can be sure it wasn\'t bad at all :)

I\'ll see how it fits -now you\'ve changed the interface a bit- and respond soon!


matthew knight's avatarmatthew knight → http://webponce.com

i\'ve finally got around to installing slimstat on one of my sites.
prepare for the wrath of my scrunity (sic).


Johnson's avatarJohnson

Don\'t know if this is a bug or my server problem, but the problem is that TODAY is using the server time, whereas the logging is using the the SERVER TIME -

So when it says today, its not actually today and logging hits for yesterday. Basically not sync\'d :D.

I\'m using v0.9

Besides that, great product! Are you planning on adding a column ever to show if a page is a 404?

ok['s avatarok[

slimstat is great. Thanks for all the work stephen.
i\'m running 0.9 and it\'s working perfectly.

it feels strange coming in here with a feature request when slimstat is free and works really well. but might as well share the idea ...

i keep wishing there was the ability to attach a nickname to an ip address when there is someone i\'d like to be able to recognize easily in my logs without having to remember their ip. This could be a friend, a frequent visitor, or a troublemaker who hasn\'t stirred up enough shit yet to get blacklisted.

It could work the same way as the DNS lookup link so that when you filter you\'re results by an ip you click beside their name and add a nickname in the db for them.

again thanks for slimstat.

Stuart's avatarStuart → http://thebombsite.com/

Just upgraded from 0.8 and very nice it is too, but I notice that a new table is required in the db for the extra admin function but this doesn\'t appear to be mentioned anywhere in the upgrade instructions and I couldn\'t find any reference to an SQL query to insert it. Maybe an oversight on your part unless I missed something somewhere.

Ryan Thrash's avatarRyan Thrash → http://modxcms.com

Great work Stephen... MODx CMS might have just landed itself a new default stats system!

Kimmo's avatarKimmo → http://kyyhkynen.net

Running setup.php will create the table.

And while I\'m at it; Stephen, I was having problems with special characters (such as scandinavian letters) in search strings... first they were broken in the details page, and after I uncommented the content-type meta tag in index.php, they were fixed in the details page but broken in the summary page :P
For the next version, you might want to uncomment that content-type meta tag and add utf8_encode function on line 219 of _summary.php ;)

Also, when using the default filterset.G (from pierceive.com) with the adblock extension in firefox, images named "external.gif" get blocked by default.

Nevertheless, the application is still pretty close to perfect, so thanks once more :)

Don's avatarDon → http://www.donwhiteside.com

Definately a neat product, though a timezone setting option in the admin would be nice. However I found the option for and set it to -5 for myself. Bing, fixed!

Johnson, you could always add the include to a custom 404 page if your host supports it.

Ryan Thrash's avatarRyan Thrash → http://modxcms.com

Very cool idea for future inspiration: http://cavemonkey50.com/code/trends/

Jeff Adams's avatarJeff Adams → http://tinyfly.com

It would be great if there was a database prefix option that way we could install slimstat for multiple sites in the same database.

Ian Chan's avatarIan Chan → http://www.lib.uaa.alaska.edu/

How would you remove hits for images? I have two images that are listed throughout my recent hits list. It make it hard for our editors to go through the list.

Thanks -- BTW great tool!

Florian's avatarFlorian → http://leflo.de

i got problems installing slimstat because of the used shorttags, i got it to work with this commands:

find -name *.php -exec sed -i~ \'s/

Evan's avatarEvan → http://ebroder.net/

I discovered SlimStat in the comments of a post about WordPress stats. After installing it, I\'m very, very impressed with all of it.

I agree with ok[ that some sort of IP aliasing feature would be useful. Also, having referring pages as a link somewhere would be nice, i.e., I\'d like to (from somewhere), click on a link to visit the pages that are referring users to my site.

Thanks for all of your hard work,

Evan Broder's avatarEvan Broder → http://ebroder.net/

So...aparently, I\'m an idiot and can\'t spot an external link icon when I see one.

In any case, I\'d like to adapt SlimStat into a WordPress plugin. Do you know of anyone that\'s already doing that? If not, do you mind?

Still an amazing plugin,

Olivier's avatarOlivier → http://www.duvelours.com

This is a great plugin but I got a little issue with my weblog engine.

I\'ve installed SlimStat for my website powered with TextPattern and since then the format date displayed is in english instead of being in french as expected.

Any idea of what is going wrong ?

Thank you

Nick's avatarNick → http://www.theindustrialworker.com

RE: a comment in a previous post (comments now closed), regarding charts and flash, there\'s PHP/SWF. Very cool.

Is there a way to display hit count on a site? Some kind of include, etc? Cheers, great great script.

Gio's avatarGio → http://giolovesgod.com

Great release! Thanks! I was hoping to find something to replace the outdated Wordpress-ShortStat plugin, and this is the closest yet. The only drawback is, no way to filter out site\'s owner IP.... or maybe there is but i\'ve no idea how to... would be grateful if someone care to advice with regards to that issue, thanks.

Cyrris's avatarCyrris → http://www.aelon.net

Fantastic release. I\'ve been able to halve the size of my slimstat database thanks to 0.9 - stats from more than 3 months ago aren\'t of much use to me outside of AwStats anyway. Slimstat is now perfect for my weekly, even daily magnifying glass.

Jon Dowland's avatarJon Dowland → http://alcopop.org/

Florian, your sed recipe got mangled in your post submission - could you (or someone else) try re-posting it, perhaps escaping bits?

Stephen's avatarStephen

Thanks to all of you for the positive feedback. This is what keeps me going. :-)

Kimmo: thanks for the UTF-8 tip. It's in 0.9.1, but I swear it'll be the death of me.

Ian Chan: my guess is that you're seeing hits for images because you have a PHP script handling your 404 errors. Perhaps you've got a broken link somewhere?

Florian: sorry, your sed comment got mangled. I've updated SlimStat to not use short-tags in 0.9.1.

Evan: I don't know if anyone's developing a Wordpress plugin, but a quick Google for 'wordpress slimstat' gives quite a few hits, so I guess the WP community is aware of it. I certainly wouldn't mind someone porting it to WP.

Olivier: the dates are in English format because you're using the English translation of SlimStat, and it sets the locale to 'en-us' by default. Version 0.9.1 now has a French translation, so you can change the 'language' setting in your _config.php to 'fr-fr' to see dates in French.

Nick: yes, there's a way to include SlimStat stats on other pages. It was recently discussed on the SlimStat Google Group, so have a look in the archives there for more.

Zoion's avatarZoion → http://zoion.surprise-ending.com

I\'m running Delineate alongside SlimStat and I\'ve noticed that Delineate will pick up search strings that SlimStat isn\'t. (It might be my fault.) Just an FYI.

Sean's avatarSean → http://www.ceprix.net

Thanks for your great work, Stephen.
I\'m a long-time ShotStat user, and I\'ve recently found out this SlimStat.
It\'s such a remarkable alternative to ShortStat or even Mint.

I\'m using v0.9.1, and everything works great except one thing.
In inc.stats.php, there\'s something incorrect in line 219.
\'utf8_encode\' is correct, isn\'t it? It caused a parsing error on the index page.

Thank you.

Cody Lindley's avatarCody Lindley → http://www.codylindley.com

FYI - Have you seen this error on the summary screen before?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: uft8_encode() in
/home/leroycli/public_html/slimstat/_summary.php on line 219

I\'m using the txp plugin with slimstat...called wet_slimpattern

thanks cody

Stephen's avatarStephen

Zoion: that's odd. Can you give me examples of some things that SlimStat doesn't pick up?

Sean: sorry! You were one of the three unlucky people who downloaded the version of 0.9.1 with that typo in it. I noticed it immediately and made new zips with the correct spelling. You can either fix it yourself or download a new copy, they'll be identical.

Dan's avatarDan → http://www.3g.co.nz/2

Awesome. I absolutely love this! I wish it was more "plugin-ised" but heck it wasn\'t that hard to get working.

I agree that the Trends functionality is very cool. Would it be possible to re-write trends so that it worked with slimstat?

What I want to be able to do (being a plugin developer) is track the number of downloads per plugin, or downloads of whatever it is I have uploaded that is to be downloaded.

I actually think slimstat looks better then mint. Mint is far too designeeee and it becomes annoying to use after 5 minutes. All the funny page scrolls, and drop shadows just give me a headache. Keep up the good work guys and please keep it nice and simple for us people who care more about the information then the look :))

dave's avatardave → http://www.webclerks.com

hi - trying to install slimstats for the first time.
I reached step 2 and was told to create the tables manually, which i did. All 3 tables were created successfully. However, every time i click on \'next step\' in the browser to continue the setup, it just stays on step 2 and says it can\'t create the tables. why won\'t it go to step 3? HELP!!

Alex's avatarAlex → http://www.west-point.org/class/usma1999

I have SlimStat installed, but I can\'t get any information out of it! It\'s logging hits just fine -- I checked the database tables. When I pull up the summary/information pages, I get nothing. Any ideas?

Ellerbestyle's avatarEllerbestyle → http://www.the3peat.com

I get a fatal error after installation.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mb_convert_encoding() in /home/wwwthe3/public_html/slimstat/_functions.php on line 526

I can\'t seem to figure this out. Anyone have any ideas?

Martin's avatarMartin → http://wannert.net

First of all, thanks for this great tool. But I have one question. Is it possible not to log when I access to my website? I know that one can ban specific IP-ranges, but I don\'t have a static IP, so this is no way for me to do so. But one could set a cookie on the owner\'s machine and if the cookie is present, slimstat will not log the access. Is this possible?

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