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fishingshrimp's avatarfishingshrimp → http://www.tmedien.com

work's fine so far, I'm using this one with an external Zope ZMS based web site (ZMS is a great zope cms) and replaced the paths within the .js and .php of slimstat-js with absolute (http://stat.....) url's of the other webserver running php and slimstat. no performance loss etc. so far and working great.

now the only thing missing would be user/domain/site based management for using with multiple domains/sites and one slimstat setup.

anyway, great software!

Mark Rowe's avatarMark Rowe → http://bdash.net.nz/

Gecko-based browsers get a JavaScript exception on line 25 of slimstat.js. Using the correct document.documentElement.appendChild rather than document.appendChild fixes the JavaScript error.

Stephen's avatarStephen

Mark: well spotted. I've updated the zip with a new version of the JavaScript file.

J's avatarJ

I had trouble getting this to work. - I can get the .php version to work on php pages only.

Javascript doesn't count the same page the php one does. I'm trying to get this to work with a rails app.

David Jones's avatarDavid Jones → http://www.d-jones.com

J, I have written a tutorial here...


...which will guide you through the process of installing SlimStat on Rails. I hope that helps!

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