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This page lists the most-read entries in my weblog and the most-followed outbound links. They're sorted in order of views per day.

Weblog entries

Reducing SlimStat's database size (20 Apr 2006)
One of the most common themes in the feedback I get is that the database becomes quite large over time. I've been tinkering with my database this evening and I thought I'd recount what I've done so other people could try it and see how their performance is affected. (562 words)

SlimStat 0.9 (24 Jan 2006)
Version 0.9 of SlimStat is now available, including the ability to remove older data from the database. Read more here. (266 words)

SlimStat via JavaScript (14 Mar 2006)
Please help me test the new experimental way of calling SlimStat via JavaScript. (147 words)

My top 100 songs (16 Jan 2005)
I like lists. I also like music. I have a smart playlist set up in iTunes, which contains the songs I have played most often. Here it is, completely unedited. (699 words)

SlimStat 0.8 (13 Dec 2005)
Version 0.8 of SlimStat is now available. See what's new here. (274 words)

Improve your company's web site (19 Nov 2004)
An open letter to all companies who want better results from their web site. Originally written as an email to one of my clients as a critique of their web site, I republish it here for your benefit. (1049 words)

SlimStat 0.4 (4 Sep 2005)
What better day to release version 0.4 of SlimStat than on the 4th day of the month? Hot on the heels of version 0.3, it's packed with loads of new stuff. Read on to find out more. (292 words)

Hacking the credit card system (6 Apr 2005)
The phrase “rate tart” is being used more and more nowadays. But if you don't have debts, interest-free credit card offers are of little benefit. Here's a scheme that provides not interest-free, but free interest. I'm embarrassed to admit that I hadn't thought of this sooner. (375 words)

SlimStat 0.7 (16 Nov 2005)
The newest version of SlimStat is now available. Here's what's new. Update: version 0.7.2 is out. (193 words)

Congratulations are due to my sister (27 May 2004)
Today my sister reached her 18th birthday without suffering serious injury at the hands of either of her elder brothers. It wasn't my fault she broke her arm that time, okay? (480 words)

Outbound links

Money origami (8 Jan 2005)
Many more ways to fold a dollar bill. Some old, some new, all good. And at only 54p a time, you can easily afford to make them all.

Cryptoquote (11 Jan 2006)
Crack the code to reveal the hidden quotation. Horribly addictive.

Car maze game (27 Sep 2004)
Get your car through the maze. Looks easy!

The complete Feynman Lectures on Physics (22 Mar 2005)
In PDF and MP3 formats.

Super Mario sheet music (12 Jan 2005)
The first one is in A flat and has loads of accidentals, but the rest don't look too tricky. I'll give it a whirl later on.

Samorost 2 (13 Dec 2005)
Sequel to the brilliant Flash game. Chapter 1 is free, but if you get addicted you'll have to pay $9.90 for Chapter 2.

Best blonde joke ever (12 Jan 2006)
Words fail me. This is absolutely brilliant.

Windows Media Components for QuickTime (12 Jan 2006)
Free download from Microsoft for playing Windows Media in QuickTime; much nicer than their own player.

Google Homepage API (14 Dec 2005)
Wow. It's now possible for anyone to write modules that can appear on your personalised Google homepage.

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web (14 Dec 2005)
Stepping through the principles from the book The Elements of Typographic Style and applying them to the web.

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